Transparent, Original, Smart.

Octopi is a modern, web-based Terminal Operating System (TOS) built for small to medium cargo terminals.
Software As A Service

Octopi is hosted on the cloud so that you don't have to buy and manage your own servers.

Business Intelligence

We help you make sense of all your data using our built-in Business Intelligence dashboard.

Easy To Use

Octopi is intuitive and easy to learn. We can train your whole team in a few hours.

Lightning Fast

Nobody likes to wait for webpages to load so we've made Octopi lightning fast and responsive.

Essential TOS features, with an innovative flair

Octopi has all the features that you expect from a Terminal Operating System (TOS), such as container inventory, gate processes, stripping & stuffing, electronic manifest uploads, yard planning, etc...

However, we've also added features you need such as equipment management so that you can keep track of your cranes and other equipment's utilization. All delivered in an elegant way!


Hosted in the cloud, so you can focus on your business

There is a reason why all the top software companies in the world are moving their services to the cloud: it allows them to innovate much quicker and better serve their customers.

Similarly, Octopi is hosted and managed for you so that you do not need to maintain a data center with costly servers and software licenses. You get to focus on your business while our team takes care of your TOS.

Easy to use and to implement

Great software does not require weeks of training for people to start using it. Great software is simple and intuitive so that you can get back to your business quickly. Octopi was designed to stay out of your way so that you can focus on your operations.

Due to Octopi's simplicity, we are able to quickly get your team to start benefiting from the tool. You save time and money from having to do less training.

Fast & Real-Time

High-Performance & Real-Time

Every time we demonstrate Octopi to terminal operators and industry experts, they rave about the speed & performance of the software. It's a testament to our engineering team's efforts to better serve our customers.

In these modern times, you get alerted as soon as your favorite team scores a goal, so why shouldn't you also be on top of what's happening at your terminal in real-time?

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The Data Advantage

Your TOS is constantly collecting data about your operations. Octopi makes sure you can visualize and interpret that data to improve your terminal's productivity.

Using Octopi's data dashboard, your executive team can quickly see what's happening at your terminal in real-time. We also use Machine Learning to help you detect anomalies.

Transparent, Original, Smart!

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Shipping lines want to know their containers' location and Octopi can help with that. Octopi supports the following EDIFACT messages: COARRI, CODECO, VERMAS...

"The expertise of the Octopi team over EDI was superior to what we have seen during other implementations."
-- Israel Castillo, Maersk

Integrated with your accounting software

There is no question that one of the biggest challenges all terminals face is the integration between operations and accounting. Octopi solves this problem by integrating seamlessly with QuickBooks Online and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

If you have an another accounting system that you would like us to integrate with, please contact us.

Personalized Customer Support

Our support team is made up of Octopi employees. They work side by side with the product, design, and engineering departments to improve the customer experience.

Our team knows the business inside and out and we want to stay engaged with our customers throughout our relationships.

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