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We are working to change the way terminals do business.

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Founded by software engineers with world-class experience and credentials, we strongly believe that quality software should be elegant, affordable and easy to use.


The octopus is one of the smartest animals on earth.

The terminal operating system (TOS) is central to the terminal and extends into many different parts of the operation, just like the tentacles of an octopus. We built Octopi to reach all aspects of terminal operations in very much the same way.

Meet The Octopi Team

photo luc castera

Luc Castera

Founder & DirectoR, PRODUCT

Luc is one of the founders of Octopi. He has a passion for helping businesses improve their operations by using modern software tools and making data-driven decisions. Before starting Octopi, Luc was the CTO of Intellum, where he led the development of Tribe Social and the Exceed Learning Management Software for clients like Google, Snapchat, Cricket Wireless and Allied Universal.

photo guille carlos

Guille Carlos

Founder & Director, Engineering

Guille is one of the founders of Octopi. He is constantly trying to simplify processes and use data to better understand the customer's needs. With over 15 years of experience in software development, Guille has managed multiple successful software projects for Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen Hamilton, and his own company, Bitpop. Before Octopi, he led the development of FiveStreet, an application that has facilitated communication between real estate agents and over 10 million leads.

photo martin bardi

Martin Bardi

Vice President, Global Sales

With over 25 years in the business⁠ — 20 of which he has spent working with Navis and its products⁠ — Martin Bardi has an unparalleled knowledge of the maritime shipping industry and its nuances. Prior to focusing on XVELA and Octopi, Martin was VP and General Manager at Navis for all sales, support and professional services in the Latin American region. He started at Navis in 1999 as a Senior Project Manager in the professional services department, and has provided support on dozens of implementations.

photo jason daley

Jason Daley


Jason brings to Octopi over 12 years experience in system implementations with global technology companies.  He acquired a majority of his experience working with world-renowned supply chain solutions providers, Manhattan Associates, operating as a consultant and project manager, and specializing in Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).  Throughout his career, Jason has built quality relationships and managed projects ranging in clientele from massive retailers like Costco to athletic organizations like the US Olympic Committee. Jason is a massive soccer fan. He attended the last four FIFA Men’s World Cups, and has ambitions to attend every edition in the future.

photo sebastien barrau

Sebastien Barrau


Sebastien has over 10 years of experience in the web development field. Sebastien's role at Octopi is to make sure that our customers have a positive experience. He spent many years working at a digital agency where he learned to tailor his skills for rapid and effective development. He is also worked for multiple start-ups holding positions such as designer, front-end developer and full stack developer. Sebastien has a talent for building trusting relationships acquired through his years of working closely with customers. He is a true hacker, always finding hardware and software projects to work on at home for fun. Throughout the years, he has built an automatic feeder for his aquarium, a digital score tracker for foosball tables and many more projects involving Raspberry Pis and Arduinos.

photo anna backstone

Anna Blackstone


Anna leads the Octopi Customer Success team. She is responsible for customer support and relationships. Her strong work ethic and incredible attention to detail ensures that our customers receive the highest level of support. She has worked both in the software industry and the steel industry which means she understands how things work on the cloud and on the ground. Before Octopi, she was a product development manager at Banyan Technology and a Sales Administration Specialist at Majestic Steel.


See what our customers are saying about Octopi.

Christopher T. Ragucci, CEO at Worldwide Terminals Fernandina

“The Octopi team, the SaaS model, the scaling abilities, and the software’s ease of functionality and intuitive nature all factored into our decision to choose Octopi. Implementing Octopi’s state-of-the-art TOS is consistent with our commitment to offering the highest level of comprehensive services available in the South Atlantic, at extremely competitive rates.”

Cesar de Windt, General Manager Operations, CTSA Cap Haitien

“We recognize the power of Octopi and the value it provides to smaller terminals like ours that need to get up to speed quickly with more modern technology without the upfront cost associated with a massive TOS overhaul. The rate at which we were able to go from planning to implementation, to go-live is proof of Navis’ expertise in TOS services, regardless of the terminal size and we are excited about the potential that Octopi holds as we continue to look for additional ways to streamline operations, upgrade processes and deliver optimal service for the shippers that come to call at our port.”

Berenice Baussan, COO, Caribbean Port Services (CPS)

“Octopi enables the whole operation team to follow simultaneous operations in a precise and live manner.  We can track the different KPIs and react in a timely manner, should there be a bottleneck or a dip in productivity.  Octopi gives us all the tools to monitor our performance closely (stevedoring activity, truck visits, reefer monitoring, etc.) The decision-making process is much more efficient and transparent through the analysis of the various reports (dwell time, TEU report, and work queue report) and the dashboard which helps us see where we can improve daily.”

Mark Chapman, Vice President Business Operations, Tropical Shipping

“Octopi’s cloud-based offering allows us to focus on the business instead of IT. We are very impressed with the full range of operating functionality and the overall ease of use.”

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