How would Google manage a container terminal?

A presentation by the Octopi Team at TOC Americas in Cancun, Mexico.

TOC Americas 2016

October 13TH at 11:45 AM, 2016 | Cancun ICC, Cancun, Mexico

Our team was excited to present at TOC Americas in October of 2016. In our talk, we looked at the core principles used by Google to build an innovative and successful company and see how these strategies can be applied to managing a container terminal.

The world of business has changed dramatically over the last few years. Some companies, like Google, have done really well during these chaotic times while others have not fared so well. What can you learn from these successful companies? How can you prepare your terminal operations to be ready for what the future may bring?

Octopi Speakers

Luc Castera, Founder & CEO of Octopi
Luc Castera

Founder, CEO

Guille Carlos, Founder & CTO of Octopi
Guille Carlos

Founder, CTO

Jean Philippe Baussan, Vice President of Caribbean Port Services
Jean Philippe Baussan

Caribbean Port Services, Vice President

Octopi's founders share 25 years of combined experience working with software companies. Together, they've worked on software projects for companies like Google, Facebook,, Verizon, Booz Allen Hamilton, & Lockheed Martin.

They were joined on stage by Jean Philippe Baussan, Vice-President of Caribbean Port Services. Mr. Baussan's family has been in the container terminal business for 3 generations. His company, Caribbean Port Services, currently manages all the terminals at the port of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

About This Presentation

There is a lot of information out there about how Google operates. Our team has studied this successful company by reading books, articles, presentations, etc... We reviewed the essential principles used by Google and showed you how you can apply these concepts to your terminal operations. Our goal with this presentation is to spark some ideas and conversations that will lead to clear improvements for you business.

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The Google Story

by David A. Vise and Mark Malseed

How Google Works

by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg

What Would Google Do

by Jeff Jarvis

The Google Way

by Bernard Girard

Create or Die

by Andrés Oppenheimer

High Output Management

by Andrew Grove

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