Tropical Shipping Implements Octopi by Navis: Q&A with Mark Chapman

June 5, 2020

Octopi's successful go live at Tropical Shipping’s St. Thomas site was performed with 100% remote assistance. We interviewed Mark Chapman, VP Business Operations at Tropical Shipping St. Thomas to learn more about what made this implementation so successful.

Prior to the implementation of Octopi, what were the main operational challenges of the terminal?

Mark: The biggest operational challenges prior to Octopi was maintaining data accuracy and visibility. Additionally, our team spent too much time searching for containers in the yard which negatively impacted gate and vessel operations.

What benefits did Octopi specifically offer your terminal?

Mark: Our terminal now gets the benefit of an enterprise-level solution we need but with a much simpler and user-friendly system and without the heavy IT costs of an on-premise system.

How would you describe the implementation process?

Mark: From the beginning, the implementation of Octopi was smooth and easy. Octopi’s onboarding team navigated our project team through weekly topics of iterative configuration, testing and training. The terminal manager and a few ‘super-users’ took ownership of testing our business scenarios and updating internal SOPs to ensure we maximized our ROI. The application’s simple and modern design allowed the entire operations team to adapt and quickly become experts without lengthy training.

Does this implementation offer you a competitive advantage?

Mark: It will! Octopi enables us to tackle our work with an increase in productivity and accuracy. This extra time gained enables us to focus more on tasks that provide better service to our customers. The system also has the ability to auto-notify our customers with delivery information which eliminates back and forth emails and calls, leaving everyone happy and more informed.

Do you have any additional comments about this project?

Mark: Octopi was able to offer Tropical Shipping a modern TOS with great features and cloud-based technology for a great cost! And Octopi’s cloud-based platform with built in KPI dashboard allowed the project team to get instant insight into live operations despite not being able to be present on-site. After the Octopi implementation, every person throughout the terminal could easily sign-on from any device, anywhere in the world and see what’s happening in real time in operations.

"Octopi provides a powerful, unique and affordable TOS solution that is truly focused on functionality for a terminal of our size and flexibility."

 - Mark Chapman, VP Business Operations at Tropical Shipping St. Thomas

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