Octopi offers simple pricing with tiered volume discounts designed to scale with your business.

What’s Included:

General Cargo

Annual Subscription

*Minimum annual subscription is $40,000. Volume discounts available. Contact sales for details.

Container Cargo

Annual Subscription

*Minimum annual subscription is $60,000. Volume discounts available. Contact sales for details.

Hosting & Maintenance Included

Focus on your business and let the Octopi team of software experts manage your TOS infrastructure.

Simple Pricing

Access to all existing and future Octopi features and functionalities. No add-ons or hidden fees.

Unlimited Users

Allow your team and your customers to access Octopi from any device, anywhere in the world.

Continuous Updates

Tap into our newest features and functionality without having to lift a finger or any additional cost.

Customer Support and Success

Octopi is more than just software. We have teams dedicated to the operation of your business.

Cost-Effective Implementation

Work closely with our experts to smoothly deploy Octopi at your terminal, at a fraction of the cost of other TOS solutions.

Access to an Onboarding Manager

Your Octopi project manager will work with you to make sure you realize the full benefits of your TOS.


See what our customers are saying about Octopi.

Christopher T. Ragucci, CEO at Worldwide Terminals Fernandina

“The Octopi team, the SaaS model, the scaling abilities, and the software’s ease of functionality and intuitive nature all factored into our decision to choose Octopi. Implementing Octopi’s state-of-the-art TOS is consistent with our commitment to offering the highest level of comprehensive services available in the South Atlantic, at extremely competitive rates.”

Cesar de Windt, General Manager Operations, CTSA Cap Haitien

“We recognize the power of Octopi and the value it provides to smaller terminals like ours that need to get up to speed quickly with more modern technology without the upfront cost associated with a massive TOS overhaul. The rate at which we were able to go from planning to implementation, to go-live is proof of Navis’ expertise in TOS services, regardless of the terminal size and we are excited about the potential that Octopi holds as we continue to look for additional ways to streamline operations, upgrade processes and deliver optimal service for the shippers that come to call at our port.”

Berenice Baussan, COO, Caribbean Port Services (CPS)

“Octopi enables the whole operation team to follow simultaneous operations in a precise and live manner.  We can track the different KPIs and react in a timely manner, should there be a bottleneck or a dip in productivity.  Octopi gives us all the tools to monitor our performance closely (stevedoring activity, truck visits, reefer monitoring, etc.) The decision-making process is much more efficient and transparent through the analysis of the various reports (dwell time, TEU report, and work queue report) and the dashboard which helps us see where we can improve daily.”

Mark Chapman, Vice President Business Operations, Tropical Shipping

“Octopi’s cloud-based offering allows us to focus on the business instead of IT. We are very impressed with the full range of operating functionality and the overall ease of use.”

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